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Free pension auto enrolment seminars to support your business

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Are you prepared for the changes to workplace pensions? Our free auto enrolment seminars are designed to help you understand the complexities of pension auto enrolment and what you need to do as an employer.

As more businesses reach their staging date there is likely to be high demand for advice on pension auto enrolment so it’s important to plan early to reduce the risk for your business. That’s where we can help with our free auto enrolment seminars.

If you employ someone, you need to know about auto enrolment

Pension auto enrolment applies to any business that has employees. Even subcontractors and self-employed contractors may need to be assessed.

Making mistakes with your auto enrolment can lead to hefty fines or even imprisonment – but Critchleys HR and Payroll are here to help you understand what pension auto enrolment means for your business with our monthly auto enrolment seminars.

It can be difficult to understand exactly what your pension obligations are and how to stay compliant. Our pension auto enrolment seminars will explain each stage of the process to you and help you to understand what you need to do as a business, what your employees need to do and how to do things the right way. Our auto enrolment experts will run through your responsibilities and help you to be prepared.

Our free auto enrolment seminars cover:

  • How to find your auto enrolment staging date.
  • How to review your current pension arrangements.
  • The four key decisions you need to make about your pension auto enrolment.
  • How to assess your workforce and understand who to enrol.
  • How to communicate the changes to your employees to meet your statutory obligations.
  • What’s involved in automatically enrolling eligible employees in your pension scheme.
  • How and when to declare your compliance to The Pensions Regulator.
  • Best practices for on-going assessment and record keeping.

Our auto enrolment seminars will help you to evaluate whether you can meet your pension auto enrolment obligations yourself or if your existing pension provider is equipped to help.

We’ll also give an overview of how Critchleys HR and Payroll can take the pain out of your pension auto enrolments.

Who should attend an auto enrolment seminar?

Our pension auto enrolment seminars are aimed at small business owners and HR/payroll managers within companies. Due to the limited space we have available, places at our auto enrolment seminars are limited to one per company. If you’d like to send more than one person to an auto enrolment seminar please contact us.

When is the next auto enrolment seminar?

We run our auto enrolment seminars each month (please see the dates given at the top of this page).   Book your place by clicking on the best date for you, or contact us on 01865-261188 to find out more.

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